Translating Song and other useful resources

Written in NZ, published in the UK. 
The book Translating Song: Lyrics & Texts, by NZSTI member Peter Low, has now appeared in England (Routledge, 2016). 132 pages, ISBN9781138641792. It was commissioned to be part of an impressive series "Translation Practices Explained."

Peter also wishes to draw your attention to the series the above book belongs to, “Translation Practices Explained” from Routledge. There are now over 20 useful books on specific aspects of translation and interpreting, including these titles:

Electronic Tools for Translators (by Frank Austermuhl)

Revising & Editing for Translators

Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting

Introduction to Court Interpreting

Translating Official Documents

Translating Children’s Literature

Audio-Visual Translating

Legal Translation Explained

Conference Interpreting Explained

Scientific and Technical Translation Explained

Medical Translating Step by Step

There is surely one relevant to you. For details, go to


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