NZSTI Webinar Subsidy Offer

NZSTI Webinar Subsidy Offer

We will reimburse your webinar fees

in exchange for a blog post!

NZSTI is offering again to reimburse webinar costs in exchange for a post to be published on



This offer is open to NZSTI members, affiliates and observers. Webinar costs of up to $70 (NZD) will be reimbursed. There is a limited budget for this offer, so don’t wait too long!
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How it works:

  • Select a webinar or recordingin the field of translation and interpreting.
  • Let NZSTI know (via an email to that you would like to be reimbursed for the registration costs in exchange for writing a review article for the blog Word for Word.
  • Wait for confirmation. NZSTI has to approve that the webinar is suitable, that the topic hasn’t been covered by anyone else, and that sufficient funds are available.
  • Pay for and watch the webinar.
  • Write a review article of 500 to max. 800 words.
  • Find a suitable image in JPEG format that you attach to your email to NZSTI (don’t embed it in your blog post).
  • Send your blog post and the image to
  • Email in your payment receipt and be reimbursed up to $70 (NZD).
  • See your article (and name) published on Word for Word.


Please note that you will be reimbursed only after NZSTI has received your post and confirmed that it is suitable in length and quality.


Which webinars:

  • Webinars offered by NZSTI, AUSIT, and other translation and interpreting associations
  • eCPD and other providers


Did you know that NZSTI is a member of FIT-IFT and that other FIT member associations might provide their webinars to NZSTI members at the same rate as they would to their own members? So browse their CPD pages as well for discounted rates!



  • Your blog post must be related to translation and interpreting and be relevant to other translators and interpreters.
  • Example: A webinar on translating different legal terminology between New Zealand and Australiawould fit the criteria, a webinar about how electric vehicles workwould not be suitable.


We look forward to receiving your articles!


- The NZSTI CPD team

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