Medical Practicum on Cancer for Interpreters

Medical Practicum on Cancer

for Interpreters

Workshop outline


Date:            Saturday, 17 March 2018

Time:           9.30–11:00 am:      Overview presentation (livestreamed)

                    11:00 am till 3 pm: Practical workshop
                                                 (lunch break: 12–12:30, please bring your own)

Venue:         Interpreting NZ,Level 5, 186 Willis St., Wellington.

Presenter:   Inna Palmer, Training officer INZ


Rationale and Content

The word "cancer'" has a lot of negative connotations and quite often is associated with suffering and death, which can make interpreting in this area very difficult.

The workshop is designed to offer interpreters an opportunity to learn about, practice, and discuss main linguistic and emotional challenges of interpreting in oncology settings.

The material will provide some general information on cancer such as:

  • common investigations used for diagnosis determining the type and stage of cancer
  • procedures and documents involved, including informed consent
  • commonly used treatment methods, curative and palliative
  • challenges for interpreters - linguistic and ethical



The aim is to enable interpreters to achieve accuracy with a better knowledge of the subject area and to equip them with a good basis for further training.

Overview presentation

This will cover just the information on cancer (as set out above), without the practical component. Participants can register to view online, or to attend live in Wellington. Remote participants will have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat function – chat questions will be monitored during the session, and will be addressed at an appropriate moment. Please note the livestreaming will not be recorded, so it will not be available to watch later if you miss the live session.

To Register: email


NZSTI members / affiliates / observers:  Free of charge

AUSIT members:  Free of charge

Non-members: $20 - please make payment to NZSTI’s Account: 03-0263-0009293-00

Practical workshop

Open to NZSTI members, affiliates and observers only

In the practical part of this workshop participants will have the opportunity to critically assess their own interpreting, as well as sight-translate commonly used documents/consent forms. Participants are invited to bring their own recording devices such as cellphones so that they can keep the recording for future reference.

This will take place onsite at the INZ premises in Wellington. There will be no livestreaming.

To Register: email

Cost: $30 - Please make payment to NZSTI’s Account: 03-0263-0009293-00

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