Start: 02-08-2018    End: 05-08-2018
Sixth Annual Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics and Phonetics

Start: 20-08-2018    End: 20-08-2018
NZSTI Council Meeting

Start: 21-08-2018    End: 21-08-2018
NZSTI Auckland Branch Meeting and AGM

Start: 06-09-2018    End: 08-09-2018
13th International Legal Forum

Start: 28-09-2018    End: 29-09-2018
SATI Triennial Conference 2018

Start: 01-10-2018    End: 01-10-2018
NZSTI Council Meeting

Start: 12-11-2018    End: 12-11-2018
NZSTI Council Meeting

Start: 17-11-2018    End: 18-11-2018

Start: 05-12-2018    End: 07-12-2018
XIth Cuba Quebec International Symposium on Translation Terminology and Interpretation

Start: 10-12-2018    End: 10-12-2018
NZSTI Council Meeting

Start: 21-01-2019    End: 21-01-2019
NZSTI Council Meeting

Start: 04-03-2019    End: 04-03-2019
NZSTI Council Meeting

Start: 15-04-2019    End: 15-04-2019
NZSTI Council Meeting

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