How to Join

Apply to join by accessing our application form. Your application must be followed up by posting in the printed and signed form using ordinary post only*   We require:

If you wish to download and print off an application form click here. Please PRINT your email address very clearly.



Upon receipt of your documentation* we will confirm receipt of your application which is then submitted to the membership committee for consideration and recommendation. For information about what to send in with your application click here*.

Joining Fees: Once approved, we will send you relevant documentation and an invoice for the fees due. Once your fees are received in full your membership will be activated. Please note: fees are not payable until you have been accepted into the appropriate level of membership and invoiced accordingly. Click here for a list of membership fees.

NZSTI's rigorous system of qualification approval and colleague endorsement ensures high performance by any Member.


MEMBERS (Full Members) are those members with any one or more of the following:

AFFILIATES are those persons whose qualifications do not qualify them for Ordinary Member status. Generally Affiliates will have attended one-year or part-time training courses to obtain qualifications in translation and/or interpreting studies. Any one or more of the following shall qualify applicants for Affiliate status:

OBSERVERS are those persons who have an interest in the society and profession, but do not have any NZSTI-approved qualification in either interpreting or translation. Observers are not considered to be qualified practitioners, and therefore, under the Society’s constitution, may not use the title Translator or Interpreter, or describe themselves as a 'translator' or 'interpreter'. For full details, consult section 10.7 of the NZSTI Constitution.

To request further information about the application process, or request additional information about the society itself, please contact the national secretary (click here)

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Thank you for your interest in NZSTI. New members are always welcome. For more information about membership and the application form click below.